Stephen Hill

A Short Symphony for

Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs, Two-Year-Olds,

and Other Cute Little Critters

String Orchestra (Grade 2)

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SARAHTIM Music Publishing

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Program Notes


A Short Symphony for Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs, Two-year Old, and other Cute Little Critters is an intentionally playful work written with the young musician in mind. The melodic and accompanying material stays with the keys of D and G Major.


There are three short movements.


I. Scurrying About

II. Time for a Nap

III. Full of Life

Composed - March 2022

Publisher - SARAHTIM Music Publishing (Stephen Hill) ASCAP


Instrumentation and Individual Audio Parts

Violin 1 -

Violin 2 -

Viola -

Cello -

String Bass - 

Available After the Premiere in August 2022

A Short Symphony for Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs,
Two-Year-Olds and Other Cute Little Critters

Commissioned by the Omaha Conservatory of Music
String Orchestra •  Grade 2  •  I. 
q=120 II. q=78 III. 
q=130  •  ca. 4:45