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Stephen Hill - Composer, Teacher, Fly Fisherman

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Stephen Hill 

Fishing with a Friend

Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Harp, Strings

Women Fishing

SARAHTIM Music Publishing

Expressively, with Ebb and Flow ca. 3:20

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Fishing with a Friend - Music by Stephen Hill
ACE Trio Flute - Shannon Canchola Limon 
Clarinet - Ryan Glass Piano - Jason Stol


Printed Score and Master Set of Printed Parts - $50.00

Printed Score and Master Set of PDF Parts - $50.00

Additional Printed Score (8.5x11) - $20.00 

Full Score Video

Program Notes


Fishing with a Friend, was composed between June 12-18, 2015, during a fly fishing and camping trip at Indian Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park in my little composing studio (tent) at campsite #73. I spent the early mornings and late evenings composing and the afternoons and early evenings fly fishing.


A musical impression, of an old Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia, Arkansas) memory, of a lazy Saturday morning, spent fishing with a friend down on the bank of the river that ran behind the music building. 


The music is intentionally quiet, sentimental, and reflective of the sights, sounds, and gently blowing breeze surrounding the slow-moving current of the river.


This orchestration of the original Flute and Piano version was written for, and performed by, students of the Band and Orchestra Program of California High School in Whittier, Ca.

Composed - 2015

Publisher - SARAHTIM Music Publishing (Stephen Hill) ASCAP



Solo Flute

Solo Clarinet