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Stephen Hill - Composer, Teacher, Fly Fisherman

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Stephen Hill 

Saddle Up!

Full Orchestra (Grade 4-5)


SARAHTIM Music Publishing

  q=112, q=80, q=112, ca. 5:35

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Full Score Video

Condensed Score Video


Click here for a performance video at the 56:00 point with the Ouachita Baptist University Wind Ensemble Dr. Craig Hamilton, Conductor 

Printed Score (11x17)  Master Set of Printed Parts - $90.00 

Printed Score (11x17)  Master Set of PDF Parts - $90.00 

Additional Printed Score (11x17) -  $30.00 

 Additional Printed Score (8.5x14) -  $25.00 

Program Notes

Saddle-Up! is a work with a western theme. The music was composed over the

weekend of March 11-13, 2016. Looking through some pictures that I had near my

desk, I came across a picture of my teacher, Francis McBeth holding his saddle. The

photo led me to reflect on childhood memories of watching old western movies. Roy

Rogers, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart, etc. Westerns, such as The Cowboys, Rio

Bravo, El Dorado, Big Jake, Chisholm, The Magnificent Seven, Silverado, Lonesome

Dove, etc. as well as the many western-themed TV shows, The Riflemen, The High

Chaparral, Wagon Train, Rawhide, Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Virginian, and The

Wild, Wild West. All special memories of my childhood.


Years ago, I was given a cup by one of my students. It sits on the desk of my home

studio. The title Saddle-Up! is borrowed from the John Wayne quote on the cup -

"Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway."


Saddle-Up! was not commissioned by any group and was written for the sheer fun of it. It

was composed as a gift for, and dedicated to the Ouachita Baptist University, Wind

Ensemble, Dr. Craig Hamilton, Director.


Outline of Saddle Up!

Ms. 0-7 - Rise and Shine!...We’re Burning Daylight!...Breaking camp

Ms. 8-19 - Saddle-Up!...Move ‘em out.

Ms. 20-51 - The Drive

Ms. 52-64 - Sunset on the Prairie

Ms. 65-101 - A Night under the Stars

Ms.102-109 - Sunrise

Ms. 110-116 - Rise and Shine!...We’re Burning Daylight!...Breaking camp

Ms. 117-126 - Saddle-Up!...Move ‘em out

Ms. 127-150 - There’s nothing like bringing in a herd.

Composed - March, 2016

Publisher - SARAHTIM Music Publishing (Stephen Hill) ASCAP



Flute 1-2

Oboe 1-2

Bb Clarinet 1-3

Bb Bass Clarinet


Horn in F 1-4

Bb Trumpet 1-3

Trombone 1-3




Percussion - Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Tambourine, Triangle, Wood Block, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone