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Harmelodic Configurations (on the tones CBDAAG)
VI. Elegy (Thank you, Howard Hanson 1896-1981)










Wind Ensemble


Reflectively  q= 60

ca. 2:20


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Stephen Hill

Harmelodic Configurations

VI. Elegy (Howard Hanson)

Wind Ensemble (Grade 3)


SARAHTIM Music Publishing

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Printed Score (11x17) and

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Printed Score (11x17)



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Program Notes

6th Movement (Reflectively) - Elegy: Thank you, Howard Hanson (1896-1981) - 2:25

The composer Howard Hanson, the first Director of the Eastman School of Music, began his teaching career in California. Hanson,  a native of Nebraska, taught for a time at The College of the Pacific in San Jose California. 

In the early 1970s, I discovered a copy of Song of Democracy in the piano bench of our family piano. Not being a piano player, I struggled through it trying to play the melodies and harmonies. It left a strong impression on me and I am fortunate to have been further exposed to the musical influence of Howard Hanson through my teacher Francis McBeth who was one of Hanson's students. 

The cover photo of this movement was taken on the front porch of Hanson's childhood home in Wahoo, Nebraska.

7th Movement (Con Slancio, Heroic) - Fanfare, Canon and Flourishes- 3:25


Video Score

Listen to and Practice Your Individual Part
2 Bar count off (Rehearsal A -0:34, B-0:53, C-1:10 D-1:27, E-1:42, F-1:56, G-2:23, H-2:43, I-2:54)

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