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Women Fishing

Fishing with a Friend

Flugelhorn/Tuba/Piano / ca. 3:35 / 2015 / Expressively, with ebb and flow h=60

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Program Notes

A musical impression, a memory of a lazy Saturday morning spent fishing with a friend down on the bank of the river that ran behind the music building while a student at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

The music is intentionally quiet, sentimental, and reflective of the sights, sounds, and gently blowing breeze surrounding the slow-moving current of the river.

Fishing with a Friend was composed between June 12-18, 2015, during a fly fishing and camping trip at Indian Creek Campground inYellowstone National Park in my little composing studio at campsite #73. I spent the early mornings and late evenings composing and the afternoons and early evenings fly fishing.

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