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Stephen Hill - Composer, Teacher, Fly Fisherman

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Eric Villalobos (Tuba Soloist on The Prairie, Band Director, Warren High School)

"I have to say that I am really privileged to know a composer like Stephen Hill and I am glad I can call him a friend. I highly recommend checking out his website!" 

Anthony Parnther (Noted Conductor, Performer, Clinician)

"I would like to shamelessly promote Stephen Hill's brand new website which showcases his wonderful works for band and orchestra (and much more)! Conductors, pianists, and percussionists, head on over to Stephen's website. Personally, I look forward to programming "Saddle Up" on an upcoming clinic band performance.... dedicated to one of Mr. Hill's influential professors, the late (and highly revered) W. Francis McBeth!" 

Glen Kamida (North Torrance Youth Musicians Ensemble)

"To my friends who teach concert band, string orchestra, and full orchestra, if you are in need of some "fresh" well written music check out the music of Stephen Hill. It is really great stuff. My North Torrance Youth Musicians Ensemble (nTyme) concert band is currently working on Yozawa a piece dedicated to Leonard Narumi. The string orchestra is working on Divergent Pulsations, and full orchestra will be working on Saddle Up! Stephen is also just a great guy too. He did a great clinic with the high school band students at Wildwood Institute of Music and Arts two years ago."

Len Montgomery (Band Director, Calvary Chapel Schools)

"Stephen Hill is the rare composer who writes music for the mere pleasure of it.  His music is innovative, rooted in deep compositional traditions, and enjoyable for my students to play!"


Shannon Scott (Friend /Former Classmate at Ouachita Baptist University)

"Such a nice piece, Stephen. I so enjoy listening to your music and the surprise each one brings."

"Run in such a way..." String Orchestra Version   (SCSBOA List)

Gerry Willis (Composer, Former Director CSULA Symphonic Band)

"Just finished listening to your piece! Well done, and sounds very accessible for HS strings. I can well imagine that they will want to really dig in on this because of the excellent rhythm features and figures throughout. Bravo!"

Craig Vire (Pastor/ Friend /Former Classmate at Ouachita Baptist University)

"Excellent work, my friend! I'm sure they will be eager to master this piece. Glad your faith still inspires your music."

"The River" -   (SCSBOA List)

Leonard Narumi (Wildwood Institute of Music and Arts, Retired Band and Orchestra Director Schurr HS)

"Dear Stephen, it was a huge honor to get to share "The River" with the students, staff, and audience at Wildwood Institute of Music and Arts (2019) Your kind support of our efforts to provide all of those students with the best possible music education and music making experiences was sincerely appreciated by all concerned. Thank you so much for gracing us all with your time, talent, and camaraderie, good sir."  

Ethan Blackburn (Composer /Former student at California HS)

"Saxes in the beginning remind me of the horns in the opening of "Caccia" by McBeth. In fact, the whole presentation of the theme does! Lovely seeing the whole development of it all. Nicely done!."

Leonard Narumi (Wildwood Music Camp, Retired Band and Orchestra Director Schurr HS)

"It is a wonderful composition, Stephen! A masterfully composed piece that belies its Grade 1.5-2 level difficulty. Bravo!!"

Dr. Anthony Mazzaferro (Symphonic Winds of the Pacific, Cazadero Music Camp)

"It was our pleasure to have an opportunity to play through these fine compositions! They are enlightening, and challenging on so many levels. You have such a wonderful gift for melody. I look forward to programming them in the future."

Dr. John Burdett (Wind Ensemble, Azusa Pacific University) (Comment after the 2019 concert was cancelled due to Covid) "...and finally we were to premiere Stephen Hill's new multi-movement work 'Harmelodic Configurations' a witty and clever collection of themes depicting images that came to the composer from life in California - from 'Driving the 5' to the 'Eastern Sierra's'. I look forward to bringing Stephen's work to life in the future." -

Doug Nordquist (Band Director, California High School)

"A great selection to work on beautiful tone, blend, and balance. Nice!"

Craig Jordan (Band and Orchestra Director - Hutchison Middle School). - "Beautiful and dramatic, Stephen."

Doug Nordquist (Band Director, California High School)

"I enjoyed it, Stephen. I have always liked your style of writing. I hope I'll get to play or conduct this piece."

Shannon Scott (Friend /Former Classmate with Francis McBeth at Ouachita Baptist University)

"I really love this piece, the opening to the Chorale is beautiful!"

Don Gunderson (SCSBOA Festival Judge / Retired Band Director) - "Wow!! If I had a band...Francis is smiling!"

Mark Cuneo (Retired Band Director)

"Texture, tone colors, dynamics, some of my favorite words in music. Great Steve!"

Dr. David Englert (One of former Teachers at Cerritos College)

"Dude. I knew you at Cerritos College. Great job. Keep it up."

Dr. Kenneth Meints (Conductor, Orchestra Omaha / Instructor at the Omaha Conservatory of Music)

"What a great addition to the repertoire list for Southern California Bands! Stephen Hill's music is well-crafted and fun to play."

Don Gunderson (SCSBOA Festival Judge / Retired Band Director) - "That's a keeper!"

Steve Graves (SCSBOA Festival Judge, Band Director - Lexington JHS)

"Heard this performance live and thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Doug Nordquist (1984 US Olympian (High Jump) / Band Director, California High School)

"This really reminds me of John Williams' "Olympic Fanfare and Theme. The kids always loved playing this!"

Doug Nordquist (Band Director, California High School) 

"I love it..."carnivorous" at times and whimsical at others! Well done!"

Impromptu on Jesus Loves Me (Piano Performance by Anne Madision)

Anne Madison (Concert Pianist / Instructor at the Omaha Conservatory of Music)

"Thank you for your beautiful music, Stephen, and for sharing it with me. It's a privilege and a joy to play it."

Dr. Kenneth Meints (Conductor, Orchestra Omaha / Instructor at the Omaha Conservatory of Music)

"It was a wonderful capturing of the spirit of the story in music. Very moving!"

Lydia Conway (Director of Educational Programming, Omaha Conservatory of Music)

"Can't wait to share the finished production with you, Steve!!! It's been amazing to sit in rehearsals and recordings!

Shannon Scott (Friend /Former Classmate at Ouachita Baptist University)

"Wow, Stephen, that is a magnificent piece! "Mac" (our teacher, Francis McBeth), would be so proud and would have loved it!"

Doug Nordquist (Band Director, California High School) - "Fun piece...the kids loved it!"

(ACE Trio) Shannon Canchola - Flute, Ryan Glass - Clarinet, Jason Stoll - piano

"We shot and recorded this beautiful gem of a piece by Stephen Hill called "Fishing with a Friend". This piece meant so much to us when we finally got a chance to rehearse together again. It had been months since we had last played together! The main melody just embodies the simplicity of what friendship is - people that make good times better and the hard times easier."


Stephen Melillo (Composer, Stormworks) - "Bravo to the Composer & Musicians. Beautifully done."