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"...along a sunlit path..."










String Orchestra


With a gentle flow q=128

ca. 4:30


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Stephen Hill

"...along a

sunlit path..."

String Orchestra (Grade 3)

Wild Path

SARAHTIM Music Publishing

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Printed Score (8.5x11) and

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Printed Score (8.5x11 and

PDF Master Set of Parts



Printed Score (8.5x11)



Program Notes

“…along a sunlit path”  was composed as a gift for the Omaha Conservatory of Music. The work is an impression of a picture of a woodland path with rays of sunlight breaking through the trees.

The gently flowing music opens with Violin 2 and Viola pulsing back and forth between a bi-tonal passage of C and D. The cello enters with a simple pedal C followed by a lightly chirping Violin 1.

The music is intentionally gentle, optimistic, and punctuated with lyrical melodic lines. The composition passes the themes back and forth between each instrument and reaches a full tutti at measure 82. The work returns to the gentleness of the opening passage of  Violin 2 and Viola and grows in energy to its final cadence on an G Major chord.

This work may be played as a String Quartet (minus the String Bass part) with the opt. quartet part for cello. Or, it may be played as a String Quintet (one on a part).

Soundwaves 2021 Summer Music Camp
Omaha Conservatory of Music

Listen to and Practice Your Individual Part
2 Bar count off - Rehearsal A - 00:28, B- 00:52, C- 1:16, D-1:30, E-1:47, F-2:10, G-2:43, H-2:59, I-3:23, J-3:53, K-4:06, L-4:17

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