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"Music...can stay with you your whole life."

“Music is one of the professions or hobbies that can stay with you for your whole life. In sports, you reach a certain age when you can no longer do them, but in music, you can do it the rest of your life. And it’s great enjoyment, and it’s well worth all the effort you put into it to become proficient on your instrument, and now there are a lot of adult groups around the United States where you can keep performing, and you don’t have to quit when you get out of college.”
                         (W. Francis McBeth)

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel from California to Arkansas to specifically study with composer Dr. W. Francis McBeth at Ouachita Baptist University. We remained friends for over 30 years until his passing in 2012. This video was recorded in 2001 in his home studio during one of my visits with him. Check the Documentary on W. Francis McBeth -

Special McBeth tribute performance by the Arkansas Symphony at Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

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