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Philip Westin
David Betancourt

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W. Francis McBeth

Welcome to SARAHTIM Music Publishing. The name "SARAHTIM" is simply the combination of the names of my daughter Sarah and my son Timothy. I compose for the simple joy and challenge of the creative experience. 


A few years ago, my good friends, California High School colleagues Doug Nordquist and Ben Murillo and David Betancourt of Cerritos College, suggested I make the music I compose available for those interested in playing or just listening to it.  


SARAHTIM Music Publishing is a small one-person venture. I compose and prepare the music, and then put it up on the website for whoever may be interested. 

My principal studies were with composers Philip Westin (Cerritos College), Dr. W. Francis McBeth (Ouachita Baptist University), and Dr. Byong Kon Kim (California State University, Los Angeles.)

Thank you for stopping by,


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A duet with one of my 1st Graders (Whittier Christian)


For over 40 years, I taught K-12 instrumental music concurrently in both the Private Christian School (Whittier Christian) and a Public School (California High School) settings. Though semi-retired, I still work with students by continuing to teach part-time at California High School and maintaining my private music studio, where I play and teach Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, and Piano. I also play with the church orchestra at Calvary Chapel, La Habra, Ca. where I attend. When teaching full-time, I was primarily a "summer" composer. No longer teaching full-time, I  have the privilege to compose beyond just the summer months and publish through my company, SARAHTIM–a title which comes from simply combining the names of my daughter Sarah and son Timothy. 

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Fly Fisherman


Hi Stephen,


Thanks for your note. I LOVE your website! I particularly like the caption at the top where, among other things about yourself including your being a composer, you list yourself as a fly fisherman. . . It shows your humor and that you're a normal, well-rounded person!


Thanks for including me along with Dr. McBeth in your bio. I'm flattered, and, of course, pleased.


All the best,

Phil Westin

My love for fishing was passed on to me by my father.  My father passed away when I was 12 years old. He was only 49 years old. The time spent fishing with my dad is a precious childhood memory.

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