Five Scenes: From The Kitchen Window

String Quintet  •  With a Gentle Flow q=130  •  ca. 4:30

Stephen Hill

Five Scenes:

From The Kitchen Window

String Quintet


SARAHTIM Music Publishing

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Printed Score and PDF Parts - $35.00

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Program Notes


Five Scenes: From the Kitchen Window - Short impressions of the birds who visit my front yard.


Scene 1 - The Day Begins
Scene 2 - The Hummingbirds
Scene 3 - The Green Finch
Scene 4 - The Rowdy Green Parrots of Whittier
Scene 5 - The Hawk

Composed - Spring 2022

Publisher - SARAHTIM Music Publishing (Stephen Hill) ASCAP



Violin 1

Violin 2



String Bass

Full Score Video

Available After the Premiere in August 2022