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Harmelodic Configurations (on the tones CBDAAG) 

II. Idyll (The Eastern Sierras) / Grade 3+ / ca. 5:30 / Reflectively q= 68 

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$85.00 (Scores are print only. Parts are available by print or pdf.)

Eastern Sierras, CA.                       (Photo by Stephen Hill)

Complete Performance Concert Program
Azusa Pacific University, Dr. John Burdett

II. Idyll: The Eastern Sierras (Reflectively, with Ebb and Flow) 

This is a musical reflection of my "Spring Break" trips to the Eastern Sierras to do a little Fly Fishing. They are certainly a majestic mountain range in the middle of California.

The opening section recalls the "Quintal" Chord and pulsing timpani part I discovered when McBeth brought his copy of the score of Howard Hanson's "Lament for Beowulf" to class and handed it to me to study.

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