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Harmelodic Configurations (on the tones CBDAAG) 

III. Sturm and Drang / Grade 3-4 / ca. 2:00 / Pesante q= 130 Slancio q= 160

00:00 / 01:20

$75.00 (Scores are print only. Parts are available by print or pdf.)

Eastern Sierras, CA.                    (Photo by Stephen Hill)

Complete Performance Concert Program
Azusa Pacific University, Dr. John Burdett

III. Sturm and Drang: Angst (Pesante, Slancio) 

(Sturm and Drang - from German, translated - storm and stress) A style of composition that communicates emotions of stress, fear, horror, anxiety, etc. typically attributed to German music of the Romantic era.

This movement is a reflection of the expansive influence my composition teacher Dr. Byong Kon Kim, had during my graduate studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

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