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Harmelodic Configurations (on the tones CBDAAG) 

V. Toccata (Driving the 5) / Grade 4 / ca. 5:00 / With Drama q= 120

00:00 / 04:42

$95.00 (Scores are print only. Parts are available by print or pdf.)

Norwalk, CA.                               (Photo by Stephen Hill)

Complete Performance Concert Program
Azusa Pacific University, Dr. John Burdett

V. Toccata: Driving the 5 (With Drama, Faster) 

The phrases "Take the 5", "Driving the 5", "Get on the 5", and many others like them are all clearly understood by those who drive in California.

This movement begins with the gentle sounds of wind chimes, a sound I would often hear outside my studio when the breeze would begin to move the small wind chimes my wife had placed in the patio breezeway. The gentle chiming soon turns into a loud clash of clustered sounds that declare the day has begun and it is time to get on the "5" and make the mad dash to your destination. Whether going North or South, you are bound to encounter the hectic driving habits of Californians weaving in and out of lanes while "Driving the 5". The closing section recalls the frantic action it may take to change lanes in time to catch your exit off of the "5".

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