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A Short Symphony
for Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs, Two-year Olds, and other Cute Little Critters
String Orchestra / Grade 2 / ca. 5:00 / (2022) I. q=108, II. q=78, III. q=130

00:00 / 04:54

$55.00 (Scores are print only. Parts are available by print or pdf.)

Soundwaves 2022 Summer Music Camp
Omaha Conservatory of Music, Patricia Ritchie

Program Notes


This work was commissioned by the Omaha Conservatory of Music for their 2022 Sound Waves Music Camp. Their theme for the week was, “Animals”.


A Short Symphony (for Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs, Two-Year-Old, and Other Cute Little Critters) is an intentionally playful work written with the young musician in mind. The melodic and accompanying material stays with the keys of D and G Major.


Three short movements depicting "A Day in the Life"


I. Scurrying About 

(A mixture of both playful pizzicato and arco bowing)

II. Time for a Nap 

(A quiet lyric and restful movement)

III. Full of Life 

(An energetic final movement to end the day.)


Violin 1

Violin 2



String Bass

Individual Part Practice Files
Timestamp (2 Bar count off - (Rehearsal A -:08, B-:27, C-:53, D-1:02, E-1:17, F-1:38, G-2:07, H-2:33, I-3:34, J-3:56, K-4:22, L-4:37)

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