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Image by Dolo Iglesias

A Visit With Erik (Erik Satie)

Piano Solo • With Reflection q=60 • ca. 2:45

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About theWork...


A Visit With Erik was written on Thanksgiving day 11/26/2015. I had retreated to my studio off and on throughout the day for a bit of quiet between the discussion of politics, cooking, and football.

It is a reflection on Erik Satie's Gympnopedie No. 1, which as a college freshman, was and still is, a very influential piece in my life. I first heard it on an album by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I bought a copy of the sheet music published by Kalmus. I still remember the green cover. I did not start piano lessons until I was a freshman at Cerritos College and it was a struggle to play Gymnopedie No. 1, but I eventually learned it.

A Visit With Erik is a simple thank you to a musical influence.

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