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Music for Percussion - Solos/Ensembles

Stephen Hill (ASCAP)

Little Scherzo

Percussion Ensemble

Playing the Timpani

SARAHTIM Music Publishing

Little Scherzo
Percussion Ensemble / ca. 2:00 / 

00:00 / 01:24

Program Notes


Little Scherzo was written in 1981 as part of several required projects for my Graduate School studies with composer Dr. Byong Kon Kim while at California State University, Los Angeles.




Percussion 1 - Triangle, Xylophone

Percussion 2 - Bongos,Temple Blocks,Tambourine

Percussion 3 - Snare Drum,Tenor Drum, Suspended Cymbal

Percussion 4 - Bass Drum, Wood Block, Gong

Percussion 5 - Timpani, Finger Cymbals

Percussion 6 - Glockenspiel, Chaves 




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