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String Orchestra


Stephen Hill

Cowboy and Wild Horses


String Orchestra / Grade 3-4 / ca. 4:30 / (2022) / With excitement q=112

00:00 / 04:29



Advanced String Orchestra - Omaha Conservatory of Music
Ernest Richardson, Conductor

Program Notes


“Mustangs” is an intentionally western-themed work intended to depict a herd of  Mustangs running wildly through the plains, grazing calmly by a stream, and then running off again on a wild adventure. 


“Mustangs” is one of four commissioned works by the Omaha Conservatory of Music for their 2022 Soundwaves Summer Music Camp.  

Individual Part Practice Files
Timestamp (2 Bar count off - (Rehearsal A - :15, B- :31, C- :46, D-1:01, E-1:16, F-1:26, G-1:49, H-2:06, I-2:16, J-2:31, K-2:44,
L-3:01, M-3:16, N-3:29, O-3:43, P-3:58, Q-4:13)

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