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Wind Ensemble

Where the Eagles Soar and the Bison Roam

Stephen Hill


Where the Eagles Soar and the Bison Roam

Wind Ensemble / Grade 3 / ca. 5:30 / (2022) I. Pastorale q=70 II. Flourishes q=130

00:00 / 04:19



Indian Creek Campground,
West Yellowstone 

Program Notes


Where the Eagles Soar and the Bison Roam was commissioned by the Omaha Conservatory of Music for their 2022 SoundWaves Summer Music Camp. The work, in two sections, is a reflection of the composer's time spent camping and fishing in Yellowstone National Park.


I. Pastorale

Through a colorful use of orchestration and harmonic material, the Pastorale is a quiet reflection intending to depict an eagle in flight with its view of the mountains and prairie below it.


II. Flourishes

The second section Flourishes, is intended to depict the majesty and power of a herd of Bison as they roam and thunder through the prairie. The music is an intentional acknowledgment of the musical influence of the composer, Clifton Williams.                                                                                             

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